June 30, 2021

My Takeaways From Business Coaching – Part 2

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My quarterly Coach meeting is an opportunity to get the 40,000 foot view on my life personally and professionally.
June 18, 2021

My Takeaways From Business Coaching: Part 1

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We left off a couple of weeks ago with an introduction to the coaching program I’ve participated in for the last 30 years, and how it has positively impacted my professional and personal life.
June 15, 2021

Do You Know Just How Much an Employee Benefits Plan Can Do to Take Care of Employees and Their Families?

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When employees think about their benefits plan, the benefits that most often come to mind are for prescription drugs, massages, and maybe a dental check-up every year.  However, I’m confident that if you were to ask any Benefits Advisor or Consultant, he or she would swiftly tell you that benefit
June 11, 2021

Service and Purpose

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My Intentional Success blog last week spoke to the value of life and business coaching and having a better life, personally and professionally.  I am going to speak in this week’s Intentional Success about something that is a little off-course but no less important.
June 4, 2021

Business and Life Coaching: What It Is and Why You Should Consider It

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In 1990 I attended a conference in Quebec City where one of the speakers was a business and life coach. I saved his card and thought what he had to say would help me professionally in my business.