Doing more for our communities

With deep roots in Saskatchewan and endless gratitude for the opportunities and success it affords, the Wiegers Financial & Benefits team – led by Cliff, Deb, and Colton Wiegers – are committed to helping grow our local community stronger. Our team’s philanthropic focus is on helping local children’s charities through our in-house charity, Care for Kids by Wiegers. But, our community involvement reach is much broader than that. And, with ever-growing community involvement goals, Wiegers Financial & Benefits’ commitment to helping strengthen and grow our local community is steadfast.

We view our role in and responsibility to the community in two important and related ways.  First, we are in the very fortunate position of being able to effectively propagate widespread awareness about important issues and causes in our community.  With 35 community-minded individuals on our team and a long-term client base of thousands of people – each of whom has his or her own network of friends and family – we have the power to help ensure that more people are made aware of important issues and causes than would otherwise be the case. Second, we contribute to and help raise money for the specific causes and events we feel most passionate about.  With our broad network of clients, professional associates, friends and family, we have a very wide network of people to approach for both cash and in-kind donations, as well as other forms of support.  All of this ties in perfectly with our corporate vision statement.  We aim not only to help our clients lead healthier and happier lives but to help the rest of our community do so too.  By raising awareness and money for local charities, we believe that we are making a positive difference

Here are just a few of our community involvement awards, fundraisers, and other community events and related activities:

In 2020, we were the proud recipient of the SABEX Community Involvement Award.  Our community involvement initiatives will continue during 2021 and beyond!