Do more for your top performing employees.

You already provide your employees with a group benefits plan that looks after their immediate health needs, and that can provide financial help in the event they become disabled or suffer a premature death. Your executive team might need more.

Wiegers Financial & Benefits’ Executive Benefits Suite offers seven distinct benefits designed to supplement your company’s existing benefits plan for your executives and other top performers. We offer valuable guidance in designing a customized program that will help ensure that they – and you – are prepared for the unexpected.

Your executives care about your company’s success, and they work hard for you. Executive Benefits are some of your best tools for helping look after them.

  • Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical Illness Insurance is quickly becoming mainstream insurance coverage. It helps with the financial burden of convalescence, private nursing, reduction of income, medical bills and debt. You can add it as either a mandatory or optional benefit to your company-wide benefits plan.

  • Personal Spending Account

    A Personal Spending Account provides your executives with a pre-determined number of credits that can be applied to whatever health and wellness-related expenses you are willing to cover.

  • Second Opinion Medical Services

    Second Opinion Medical Services expands your executives’ healthcare options by providing access to medical experts around the world to ensure they get the right diagnosis and are pursuing the most promising treatment options.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    Long-Term Care Insurance provides a pre-determined benefit amount when an executive is unable to perform basic activities of daily living or is cognitively impaired.  Options include coverage for in-home or facility care.

  • Key Person and/or Buy-Sell Insurance

    Key Person and/or Buy-Sell Insurance provides your business with compensation for losses as a result of the death or extended incapacity of a key member of your team, or the termination of a partnership.

  • Disability Insurance

    Disability insurance provides income to help your executives meet their financial obligations and maintain their lifestyle if they become disabled.  Your top earners might need more than is provided through your group plan.

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    • Applicable only if you are providing corporate consent regarding a group benefits and/or group retirement savings plan.
    • Applicable only if you are providing consent regarding a group benefits and/or group retirement savings plan.
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