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Who do you know who has suffered and survived a critical illness? Consider the following:

  • More than 80% of people who have their first heart attack recover (Heart and Stroke Foundation).
  • 40% of Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetimes, 75% of whom are expected to survive (Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Cancer Statistics 2011).

Critical Illness Insurance was designed with these people – and quite possibly you – in mind. If you come down with a covered condition, it will provide you a tax-free, lump sum payment 30 days after diagnosis to help cover your bills or pay for things such as private nursing, medical equipment, debt payments, new experimental drugs, and possible medical attention outside of Canada.

Wiegers Financial & Benefits offers you two easy options for providing your employees with Critical Illness Insurance:

  • Portable Individual Critical Illness Insurance
    • Employees and their spouses can purchase up to $25,000 each in coverage without having to provide proof of good health. For amounts higher than $25,000, and as high as $150,000, only a short-form medical questionnaire must be completed.
    • The insurance is portable, which means that the insurance is not tied to the employee’s employment with you.
    • Employees can easily purchase the insurance by visiting Wiegers Financial & Benefits’ online portal.
  • Mandatory Group Critical Illness Insurance
    • Is included as a mandatory component of your group benefits plan.
    • Employee pays for the insurance by way of monthly payroll deductions.

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