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Ellen’s Whole Body Health is a full service supplement and organic foods store (except produce). They have a smoothie bar with smoothies made to order and an infrared sauna. Ellen’s offers a variety of gluten free foods. They also help people with recipes that are gluten free as well as high protein recipes to reduce red meat consumption. They carry the VADA skin care line which is food grade, chemical free skin care.

Ellen’s has many specialty items in both supplements, including a full line of sports nutrition supplements, and personal care products. Allison is completing her degree in Natural Healing this spring and has vast knowledge of supplements.

Ellen Forsythe offers Reiki and Raindrop Therapy which is explained on their website.


10% discount off products (excluding Young Living products)

Ellen’s Whole Body Health Ltd.

507 Nelson Road
Saskatoon, SK S7S 1P4
Phone: (306) 477-3504



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