This one matters to us.  A LOT.

When our Executive Office Assistant Candace Schick told us she wanted to record a video in which she talks about the mental health supports we provide her and the other valued members of our work family, and how we helped her through a really challenging time in her personal life, we were surprised – not because she hadn’t expressed to us already her gratitude for what we did (and do) for her but because she didn’t have to do it. Candace told us, though, that she wanted to give voice to the impact employers can have on their employees by providing them mental health supports and by demonstrating genuine care and concern for their employees’ well-being. This would help validate what some other employers are already doing in this way – for example, providing an Employee and Family Assistance Plan – while also helping to demonstrate to others the reasons they should consider doing it too.

This is Candace’s story. Please listen.