Employee and Family Assistance Plans

Employee Assistance Programs

Like most Canadians, your team is likely struggling with challenges involving their jobs, finances, relationships, health, and other issues, the impacts of which can be significant and far-reaching, both at home and at work. You value your employees; you want them to thrive. You value your business too, and don’t want these challenges to reduce productivity, increase absenteeism and presenteeism, and drive higher turnover.

A key tool in supporting your team’s mental health and well-being is a first-in-class Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP).  An EFAP provides your team and their loved ones with around-the-clock access to counselling and other critically important services that help them navigate and manage challenges that can negatively impact their mental health. Important also is that it provides them tools and strategies for positively growing their mental health so they’re happier, less stressed, and more productive at home and at work. An EFAP is a winning solution for your team and your business. Wiegers Financial & Benefits can recommend an exceptional EFAP provider to help care for your team, their families, and your business.

Resources for Employers

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