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It’s the simple, stable, smart choice. More than 30,000 Canadian businesses currently enjoy the group dental and health insurance the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan provides. The Chambers Plan has been protecting Canadian firms from coast to coast for over 40 years.

As a representative of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, Wiegers Financial & Benefits can help tailor a Chambers group benefits plan to meet your unique needs.

What sets the chambers plan apart?

  • Available for 1 – 50 employees.
  • Customizable coverage.
  • Rate stability. Claims are pooled, which helps keep employee benefit costs stable from year to year.
  • Fast, accurate payments. Most health and dental health claims are paid within 48 hours.
  • Guaranteed and non-cancellable, regardless of your firm’s size.
  • Guaranteed coverage for firms with 3 or more people.
  • Outstanding, local customer service.
  • Best Doctors. Proudly provided to each individual covered under the Chambers Plan, Best Doctors connects patients and their physicians with world renowned specialists to confirm diagnosis and correct treatment plans.

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  • Applicable only if you are providing consent regarding a group benefits and/or group retirement savings plan.
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