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Your life is ever-evolving and multi-faceted, and so too are your goals.  Our holistic approach to financial planning for individuals and families ensures that no matter how your circumstances and goals change, and no matter how complex they become, we cover all of the bases. We will strive to help you achieve success now and in the years to come, however that looks to you. 

Our process is both comfortable and uncommonly comprehensive, and will involve regular discussions with you about all of the components that factor in to your success, potentially including:
Cash Flow and Debt Management

Regardless of your level of cash flow, we will make recommendations on how you can make the most efficient use of your cash, and what you can do to most effectively pay down your debt as quickly as possible.


Risk Management

Risk management involves protecting the biggest asset you have: your ability to earn a living. Wiegers Financial & Benefits will guide you on how to manage this risk, reducing the impact that a serious disability, illness or death would have either on you or on those closest to you. And, we will continue to modify the risk management plan we design for you so it keeps up with the ongoing evolution of your personal and professional circumstances. No matter what changes come in your life, we are committed to helping ensure your financial security and that of your loved ones.

Education Planning

An education is one of the most important gifts you can provide your children. Your Wiegers Financial & Benefits advisor will guide you on the education savings plans available and the applicable tax implications so you can make the best, most informed, decisions to help ensure your children’s future success and happiness.

Retirement Planning

What does your ideal retirement look like to you? At what age do you want to retire? How much money are you going to need to save to help ensure the same lifestyle in retirement as you’ve become accustomed to while working? These are all important questions, and your answers will help form the foundation of the retirement plan that your Wiegers Financial & Benefits advisor will custom-design for you. Reward yourself with the retirement you dream of. Wiegers Financial & Benefits will help you get there.



Investment Planning

Are you maximizing your investment returns while keeping your investments in-line with your risk tolerance? What fees are you currently paying? Your Wiegers Financial & Benefits advisor will provide expert guidance on what your investment options are and which are best suited to help meeting your goals, all the while providing complete transparency about what you’re paying in fees and the value you’re receiving because of it.

Tax Planning

We too want you to keep as much of your money in your own pocket. At Wiegers Financial & Benefits, it is our job to not only recommend investments that have the greatest chance of providing the highest return but to also recommend strategies that will minimize your tax obligations. Whether centred around wealth accumulation, capital preservation, income planning, or risk management, tax minimization will be a vital piece of the financial plan we custom-design for you, now and as it evolves over the long-term, including into retirement and as you plan to transfer your estate to your beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient method possible.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is as important to financial plans as tax planning. Understandably, most people want to ensure the orderly transfer of their estate to their beneficiaries, and they want their beneficiaries to receive as much (and the government to receive as little) of the estate as possible. Our advisors are knowledgeable about all tax laws which govern the transfer of investment and other assets at death, and can determine the best way to structure your current holdings. We will also, if appropriate, advise you on the subject of living wills and powers of attorney and, at your request, refer you to a lawyer for more detailed estate planning.

Resources for Individuals and Families

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