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Bridges Health

Bridges Health is one of the nation’s finest multidisciplinary workplace wellness resources, offering holistic health and wellness strategies and solutions. They aim to build and support healthy people, safe workplaces, and strong communities through compassionate interactions, effective teamwork, and a commitment to innovation and versatility.

They provide a resource called Ergoworks which is an all-in-one solution to reduce workers’ compensation costs for employers. Through artificial intelligence they can effectively determine when an employee can return to work after a disability.

Additionally they provide Avail which creates a culture of well-being. Avail is a member engagement, productivity and well-being management solution. It helps organizations measure and manage the wellness of their employees while reinforcing a culture of well-being and resilience. Allowing leaders to track the efficiency of their wellness initiatives, iterate on them in real-time and optimize resource allocation. Check in daily or weekly to visually monitor your resiliency. Book directly with vetted care- providers and professionals at the touch of a tab.

Contact them today to learn more about becoming an organization that can further support its employees in their time of need to enhance the health of the individual and the overall organization.

10% DISCOUNT ON Ergoworks and Avail


Bridges Health

10-2220 Northridge Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6X8, Canada
PH: 1-877-202-3472
FAX: 306-249-4457

The Preferred Partners Program is offered through Wiegers Financial and Insurance Planning Services Ltd.

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As a company advocating for mental health, we are privileged to collaborate with Bridge’s Health, a leader in raising awareness about mental and physical well-being. They equip employers with essential tools to enhance employee well-being. Ergoworks, in particular, is revolutionizing short-term disability leave management, significantly reducing claims and impacting renewal premiums. We highly recommend Bridge’s services.

Debra Wiegers, GBA, CLU, CH.F.C.