Amanda Getzlaf 

Benefits Account Manager, Wiegers Financial and Insurance Planning Services Ltd. 


Amanda has been a force in Wiegers Financial & Benefits’ group benefits department since June 2016, first as a Benefits Administrator and then (and now) as a Benefits Account Manager.  Her work ethic comes from growing up on her family bee farm, tree farm, and grain farm.  She is a jack of all trades and loves travelling in luxury with her husband Russell and their black and chocolate labs, Bella and Coco.  When she isn’t travelling, you can find Amanda honing her interior design skills while listening to her endless Spotify playlists (all of which are no-country zones) and drinking her famous rye and coke.  All of this and her passion to live authentically make Amanda a true unicorn. 

Works out of our Saskatoon office.

A few of her favourite things

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