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Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness is a premier multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to helping the residents of Warman and surrounding area achieve fitness and optimal mobility.

We are able to provide registered services for Physiotherapy, Massage and Occupational Therapy at the Warman location, and Physiotherapy & Massage at the Saskatoon location.  We also proudly offer Telehealth virtual appointments.  Telehealth is a way to receive continuous care from your healthcare provider by phone, email or virtual services. Our healthcare providers have extensive experience and knowledge, and are able to discuss, assess and treat a wide variety of injuries. Common treatments through Telehealth include educational tools, exercise prescription, progression of home exercise program, pain management, self mobilization, and movement re-training.

Our clinicians are experienced in providing treatment for chronic ailments, acute injuries and fitness promotion. Not only do we provide the usual Physiotherapy, Occupational, and Massage services, but we have extensive knowledge and clinical experience in pelvic health, prenatal, post-partum care, osteoporosis management, sports rehabilitation, TMJ dysfunction, spinal assessment and treatment as well as infant and child development.

We are here to help our clients be the healthiest, strongest they can possibly be from infancy to old age!

“Helping you, help yourself”

10% discount off the regular price of massage and occupational therapy services.  Some restrictions may apply.


Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness

105 Klassen Street
Warman, SK S0K 4S0
Phone: (306) 373-9355

Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness

Unit 120, 1260 Baltzan Blvd
Saskatoon, SK S7W 1E8
Phone: (306) 373-9355

Website: www.warmanphysio.com


The Wellness Partners Program is offered through Wiegers Financial and Insurance Planning Services Ltd.

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