At Wiegers Financial & Benefits, we understand that a thriving community benefits everyone. That’s why we actively participate in and support various community initiatives and not-for-profits. Community is the heart and soul of society. In the spirit of community, we are excited to share our latest news about a unique sponsorship initiative to support Saskatoon Kids in the 2023 T.L.C.@Home Saskatoon Campaign this holiday season!

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TLC@Home’s Saskatoon mission is to touch the lives of local children in such a way as to love, care for, inspire, motivate and give hope to improve their lives and those around them. The team at Wiegers Financial & Benefits is proud to stand along with other generous community partners, Hairstyle Inn Salons Saskatoon, Global TV, Cruz FM, Trusted Saskatoon, Trusted Marketing Services & West Portal Church.

As we enter the annual season of giving, we are proud to say that we are donating 750 pairs of socks to support Saskatoon kids via  T.L.C.@Home!  How is this possible, you ask? We recently partnered with Sock Rocket, which has an excellent community incentive. With each pair of socks sold, three pairs are donated as a result!

Community is a core value at Wiegers Financial & Benefits which is why we always appreciate partnering with others who share that value. TLC Home Saskatoon is a cause that we have been close to for a number of years now and definitely fits our focus of helping children when it comes to our charitable work. I truly do admire the work that Shelley and Laddie James do both as business leaders and in the community and we’re very excited to help contribute even just a bit to the over 950 gift packages that TLC is putting together to support Saskatoon kids in the 2023 holiday season! – Colton Wiegers

What Does T.L.C @Home Do?

TLC stands for Touching Lives of Children; annually, T.L.C.@Home in Saskatoon provides gifts for more than 950 children at several inner city schools in Saskatoon. These personalized gift packages bring children joy, comfort, warmth, and a sense of love! Shelley James, the community award-winning founder of T.L.C @Home, shared what it means to her team of volunteers below:

I want to extend our deepest gratitude to Deb, Cliff, Colton, and the entire Wiegers family for your unwavering support and ongoing partnership with  TLC here in Sakatoon. Your donation of 750 socks is a gift that will make a lasting impact on the local children we serve. The generosity displayed through this donation is truly heartwarming. The socks you’ve provided will offer comfort and warmth and convey a message of care and compassion to the children in our community who need it most.

Knowing that we can provide a new pair of socks for so many children is an incredible blessing. Your ongoing commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of these children is both inspiring and commendable. Thank you for being true partners in our mission. Your kindness will be cherished by the children and their families for years to come. – Shelley James , Founder T.L.C @ Home

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We are proud to be multi-award-winning community supporters in the Saskatchewan Community. We have been recognized for our contributions and for helping raise money for the specific causes and events we feel most passionate about. We aim to help our clients lead healthier and happier lives and extend that to help the wider community. We believe we are making a positive difference by raising awareness and money for local charities and non-profits like T.L.C @ Home.

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