It is with great excitement and pride that I officially step into the CEO role for Wiegers Financial & Benefits! Over my time here, I have moved from positions in business development, to operations, and now to the CEO position. I couldn’t think of a better place for me to develop and grow both professionally and personally. Over the years I have gotten to know our team, our clients, our suppliers, and our partners on a very personal level. It’s these relationships and the people behind them that is a driving force for me.


What Does a New CEO Mean for Cliff and Deb Wiegers?

The obvious question many will ask, and understandably so, is what about Cliff and Deb? With any family business there is a natural uneasiness when it comes to how a business succession will unfold. Will the next generation be able to manage and grow the business properly? Will the first generation let go of the reigns or try to keep control too long? These, along with many other questions, are all valid and typically are sources of struggle for any business entering a succession.

I can speak confidently when I say we have the perfect blend at Wiegers Financial & Benefits with an ownership group spanning two generations who truly want the best for our team, our clients, and our community. My movement into the CEO role is not a dramatic changing of the guard within our company. It is just putting to paper what has already been going on in that myself and our Director of Branch Operations, Pat Kyle, handle most of the day-to-day operations.

If you know Cliff, you have heard this line a thousand times: “Do what your unique ability is.” Both he and Deb have unique abilities like no one else when it comes to this industry. For Cliff, it is working with our top clients and businesses on their investments and insurance needs while also continuing to be a rainmaker for the organization. For Deb, it is managing our big group clients and bringing innovation and progress to not just our Group Benefits Division but to our marketing and strategy as a whole. This announcement simply solidifies their roles and focus. This allows us all to do what we do best to deliver for all of our stakeholders.

What Does a New CEO Mean for Us…and You?

What does this ultimately mean for the future of Wiegers Financial & Benefits? This means we are all still around and committed to being the best company we can be for our team, clients, and community. None of those mandates change and you will see all of us around and engaged for the foreseeable future.

The mentorship and wisdom that Cliff and Deb bring to the table is something we believe in wholeheartedly as a driver of our success going forward. Add that to the years of experience of our team – from management and operations to administrative team members and advisors – and it’s easy to see how we can continue to deliver excellence to our clients. This experience is invaluable but we also know the importance of bringing in new perspectives. The addition of Michael Carss to our leadership team last year and Randi Wiegers to our marketing and family side of things makes a big impact in a short amount of time. We are positioned to keep working and growing as a team here but also are better prepared if life throws a curveball. I believe that’s exactly where we want to be right now.

Please contact us to learn more about the great things ahead for Wiegers Financial & Benefits!


Colton Wiegers, B.Comm.

CEO, Wiegers Financial and Insurance Planning Services Ltd.